Last week I put in some cabinets in the workshop and a mini pc with 24″ monitor so I can load reference images in the workshop without having to go back to the office all the time. put cutting mats along the back bench and tidied up a bit. still needs more tidying and I still need to make the draws and doors for the under bench cabinets but its getting there. the wall cabinets are not full yet, still deciding what needs to go in them and where.

The mini PC is great, its a little bigger than a USB stick, plugs in to the HDMI port on the monitor and it has full blown windows 8.1. for those wanting to know what it is here is a link to the PC on Amazon.

The cabinets are just Ikea cabinets that have glass shelves and glass doors, so far I have put spray paints,air brush paints and tools/cleaning stuff and adhesives. things that I use a fair bit so they are to hand.

On the bench I have two draw units from the DIY store for little things like blades and nails and odds and ends. obviously the monitor and PC with a cheap  wireless keyboard and mouse so that it doesn’t interfere with the rest of my equipment which use other brands. I have also lined the bench with A2 cutting mats for their main purpose of cutting on but also so the bench photos and eventually video will look better. here is a link to the mats on Amazon.

The idea is to eventually start doing videos in the workshop and put them on you tube as well as having the written documentation up here on the website and on instructables. I will also be filming from the office attached to the workshop which I have yet to post pictures of, mostly because it has been a bit of a storage room and a mess. I should be getting my Muse from Full Spectrum Laser soon so I will probably do the videos for that in the office, except the unboxing video which will probably be in the workshop as there is more space in there. I am hoping to generate a good audience on you tube which should encourage me to make more content for you guys.

Watch this space 😉