Below is the video for the screen repair done on my Full Spectrum Laser Muse


When my Muse by Full Spectrum Laser was delivered it arrived with a shattered screen after discussions with Full Spectrum Laser they said I had to send the machine back. Not great as I am in the UK and they are in the US and I already paid customs charged on the Muse bringing it in to the UK.

After a little chasing they came back to me with 2 videos showing the procedure for removing the panel with the screen in it and replacing the panel with the screen in it. They asked if I would be comfortable to do the process so I said I would and they sent the panel and an extra ribbon cable in case I broke the other one.

The panel arrived in a very very very well packaged box with a ton of foam inside it and they heeded my advice about putting fragile on the box as the box was covered in fragile stickers unlike when the muse turned up originally.

Watch the video above of me fitting and testing the screen in the Full Spectrum Laser Muse system.

if you would like to see the video of me unboxing my Muse view the video and blog post below.

Muse Hobby Laser by Full Spectrum Laser Unboxing Video