This Bank Holiday Weekend I managed to get some work done on the Life Size ED 209 Project a few fibreglass castings.

Watch the youtube video for a full up date on what work has been done but essentially I created the following.

1 x Thigh Cap in fibreglass
1 x Knee Block in fibreglass
2 x Rear Toes
2 x Elbow Gimble
and I started laying up the fibreglass for the Gun Pod.

Here is the link to the article on how I made the matrix mould for the elbow gimble.

ED-209 Elbow Gimble Matrix Mould

And here is the link for Bill Dorans from Punished Props video for the district 9 rifle, casting the parts including the main body in a large matrix mould.

Here are a few more pictures of the parts I have created this weekend, things are moving along quickly now which I am very pleased about.