This evening I finally found a little time to do some stuff on ED-209.

Prepped the moulds for the rear toes, cleaned them out, washed out the blue PVA, the back parts of the moulds were not seal well as these were the first fibre glass moulds I ever did so I didn’t know any better. as such the gelcoat reacted to the paint and rippled the surface. so I sanded that down a little to smooth it out.

I also filled the air bubbles with some epoxy putty and I am hoping that I can get away with using the moulds. if not I will have to make new masters and remould them so we shall see.

Trimmed the edges and filled the air bubbles on the front toe mould, put on 5 coats of release wax and buffed them and a coat of blue PVA mould release on all 3 toe moulds.

Tomorrow I will put on another couple of coats of blue PVA Mould release and they will be ready for moulding.

Managed to layup the toes today. Earlier in the week I reinforced the front toe mould with some plywood fibreglassed to the sides.

Very pleased with the layup, I added grey pigment to the gelcoat and resin for 2 reasons, its easier to see if the mat is soaked through and if the paint gets scratched or cracked it wont show bare uncoloured resin.

Should be able to demould them tomorrow evening at which point we will know if the moulds work.

I couldn’t wait to see the toes so I demoulded them this morning and they have come out great. very pleased. 1 bubble but nothing I cant fix with some body filler.

they just need a wash to get rid of the Blue PVA Mould release and trimming up, maybe a light sanding before painting, but that will be later.

productive weekend, laid up the 2nd set of toes which I should be able to demould tomorrow and then the moulds can go in to storage. Also laid up the lower leg mould which had to be done in sections and then the mould sealed up and the joints fibre-glassed, just working on the last 2 seams.

After demoulding the second set of toes I couldn’t help but lay them out. found my self saying “This thing is going to be huge” again. need to wash off the blue PVA mould release still. EDIT: just Measured the width and its about 7.5ft around 230cm

2 sets of toes