making the elbow gimble ready for moulding, sealed it with PVA, did a little filling to cover up some machining errors. Put on some primer and spot filler, then gave it a quick coat of white gloss.

While I was doing all that I had the CNC machine remaking a part for the gun pod which I will finish tomorrow and put some pics up.

So the plan tomorrow is to start the matrix mould for the gimble, I will be documenting it as its the first time I have done a matrix mould and will be releasing an instructable on the process as I haven’t done an instructable in a long time.

Started the matrix mould for the gimble, managed to cover it in a 12mm thick layer of oil based clay. Need to add the keys and pry points then I can start laying up the fibre glass jacket. I was amazed at how much oil based clay I used.

Been a little busy this weekend preparing the foundations for my new workshop but I did manage to get the fibre glass done on the matrix mould for the elbow gimble.

so the matrix mould is ready for silicone, took a while as I am currently building the new workshop at the same time.

I put straws on the bleeder holes to make it easier and cleaner when i pour as I will be doing it on my own and wont be able to stop quick enough to clean and plug the holes as I go.

Filled the matrix mould of the elbow gimble with silicone, need to wait until thats cured and I can demould it.

Demoulded the matrix mould this evening turned out really well, I’m very pleased with it. Now I will be able to mould the elbow gimble in fibreglass rather than vacuum forming it which will mean its much tougher and less likely to break or split in transit or setup.