Made the Silicone Mould for the guns.

Sealed, Primed, spot puttied and put a final coat on the new part for the guns.

Also set up and started the 2 part moulds for a couple of the gun parts. Tried out an old Kenwood mixer that was donated to me for mixing the very thick silicone which saved me a lot of effort.

Gotta wait 24 hours for the silicone to cure properly then I can take the oil based clay off and pour the second half.


Poured the 2nd half of the silicone moulds for the guns the other night.

Demoulded them today and they seem really good, a little bit of flashing here and there but they should mould ok. The silicone doesn’t show signs of any air bubbles on the surface of the part so using the Kenwood mixer to mix the silicone seems to be ok which is good, that’s going to save some effort in the future.