Had a busy weekend so didn’t get much done, managed to finish the center section of the bottom of the ED-209 Body Mould which is something.

Next sections will be the sides where the ED-209 elbows for the ED-209 gun pods will attach, hoping to do those in one large section.

Finished the other rear quarter , and started to prep the last section of the body mould at the rear. this has dragged on some what due to having to work full time and doing this project solo. and remember when you look at the photos that the whole body is upside down 😉

does look like I killed some smurfs though.

Looking forward to getting it demoulded and having some work space back. not sure when I will get a chance to do that, need to work out a clean way to grind all the seams down then drill them for bolts first. but once that is done I can finish of some of the other parts and post some more interesting updates rather than just panels of the body mould lol

Finished the last panel on the ED-209 body this morning and this afternoon/this evening I have trimmed all the flanges and drilled for bolts, put the bolts in to check I had enough, and I don’t 🙁 so I’ll I have to buy some more.

Tomorrow I am going to demould the body, chop up what survives of the master and chuck it on the bonfire which will free up my work space and I can start on moulding the other parts and making the parts I haven’t done yet or want to remake.